How Does it Work? One size never fits all, so I’ll design an approach that works best for you. A common format is to meet over zoom for 1 hour, every other week for 2 to 3 months, although in-person, phone, and 30 minute sessions are also available.

Package of Sessions

For the best results, and a reduced rate, select a package of sessions. This allows us the space to find out what is really holding you back, what your true purpose is and how to design the most fulfilling path forward. *Coaching is often covered under employers’ professional development benefits and/or under FSA/HSA accounts (wellness). If you work for yourself, coaching is often tax-deductible.

Individual Sessions

The pay as you go option, allows you to reflect, explore and step into action with single sessions. It's ideal for individuals with shorter term goals for coaching, a quick confidence boost, or those who may already have a clear idea of what they want, and need support to get there.

Coaching for Social Justice

I LOVE working with Changemakers (social workers, organizers, teachers, etc.)! Compassion fatigue, burnout and secondary trauma in these fields are so common, and yet they frequently go unaddressed. I believe coaching should be accessible to everyone. If you work in a social justice field, please let me know to receive a special rate.